About the Competition

As a way of using healthy competitiveness to drive innovation, we have set up the StemClub Yearly Competition to both assess, appreciate and reward best efforts of participating schools.

A representative Teacher will be able to apply on behalf of his/her StemClub to participate in this competition.

Sign Up/Register

To begin, every teacher in a high school in Nigeria must sign up to take part of them competition. To sign up, the teacher must have a letter of approval by the school acknowleging him/her to start a stem club in their school.


Start Learning

After registering on the platform, the teacher gets a mail acknowleging him/her to start learning. Stem club makes available coourses on a robust dashboard for the teacher to learn within a 4 - 8 weeks span.


Register Students

Once a teacher has completed 4 modules on the platform and certified, he/she can now run a stem club in the local schools as an after school activity for students..


Submit Project

Registered STEM Clubs are expected to present a project for assessment into the STEM Club Annual National Competition. The teacher incharge will receive an email stating the procedure.